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Comprehensive High Quality Consumables For Massage Therapy

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Therapure is a comprehensive line of massage products offering excellence in quality, performance, and cost.

Associated products include massage creams and lotions equivalent to older brands, but with advanced new hypo-allergenic formulation. Additionally, premium quality essential and carrier oils, as well as related high quality therapeutic items, are sold under the Therapure brand.

Therapure offers practitioners cost and quality advantages new to the spa profession. Most importantly, Therapure is dominantly sold direct by the formulary rather than by distributors, improving both cost and customer support.

We guarantee superior alternatives to virtually any competitive spa product at lower cost. Pure and simple, we sell wholesale to the spa professional, avoiding protection for distributor pricing at 50 to 100% mark up.

Why buy from a distributor of spa products charging you a 100% mark-up (or from manufacturers protecting distributors by selling direct only at huge margins)? Buy from us, we value your business and guarantee quality as well as satisfaction.

We hope you will explore our website and discover valuable information regarding Therapure products, product formulation, and practices in the field. We recognize its often difficult to differentiate fact from sales hype among our competitors, and hope to provide the most unbiased information available on the internet. Please call us if you have any questions, we love to hear from our customers.

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